I was terrified for most of the pregnancy of my first daughter Leiland. I had miscarried once before and I was scared to walk wrong, sit wrong, or even breathe wrong. I dreamed one night (during my 2nd trimester), about an old woman with cataract eyes following me in a wheel chair. In the dream… Continue reading Lei


Worth the Journey

When I was younger, (maybe a teenager), there was a family rumor that I had another sibling that was put up for adoption at birth. I was told I had a brother, and my mom left him because of who his dad was. There was another rumor that I had the same dad. Growing up,… Continue reading Worth the Journey


Why do men wonder why a woman act the way she do, after they done repeatedly cheated on her for years, don't keep a job, and constantly on some b***h type mess. They act surprised when that woman don't want them no more; they so surprised if the woman don't trust them no more. N****@… Continue reading Why